Bordeaux Lever

Special Order
Delivery timeframe: 2-3 Weeks

This door handle is cast from a solid piece of brass. It has a modern style and it is paired with our round rose/backplate. The lever is knurled in a diamond pattern with smooth edges. The finish is US4 satin brass on the rose/backplate and a part of the handle. The Knurled portion is US19 matte black.  

Rose/Plate measurement: 60MM 

Door thickness: 1 3/8’’ to 1 3/4’’

Backset: Non adjustable. Must choose between 2 3/8’’ or 2 3/4’’

Tubular latch: Standard D- Strike and Square Faceplate

Door preparation: 2 1/8'' standard bore hole with tubular latch with square faceplate

Screws: 2 Phillips head metal screws visible from the inside and non-visible from the outside

Installation time: 5-10 Minutes

Tools required : Phillips head screwdriver

Door Handing: Lever sets are not handed

Warranty: 10 years